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Research and improve customer satisfaction
  • Exceed Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 8.0
  • Get 1000 survey responses to annual satisfaction survey
  • Conduct 50 phone interviews with top customers
  • Conduct 15 phone interviews with recently churned customers
  • Present an action plan of 10 improvements for next quarter
Achieve record revenues while increasing profitability
  • Hit quarterly revenue of over $1000000
  • Start sales in 2 new countries and achieve first quarter revenues totaling over $100000
  • Increase gross profit margin % from 63% to 54%
Increase recurring revenues
  • Reach monthly recurring revenue ($ MRR) of $250000
  • Increase the share of monthly subscriptions vs one-time contracts sold to 85%
  • Increase average subscription size to at least $295 per month
  • Increase annual renewals to 75%
  • Reduce churn % to less than 1% monthly
Improve internal employee engagement
  • Conduct 3 monthly "Fun Friday" all-hands meetings with motivational speakers
  • Interview 48 employees on their needs for improving our work culture.
  • Implement using OKRs and Weekdone software in all of our 23 teams
  • Reach weekly employee satisfaction score of at least 4.7 points
Successfully launch version 3 of our main product
  • Get over 10000 new signups
  • Get published product reviews in over 15 publications
  • Achieve sign-up to % trial ratio of over 25%
  • Achieve trial to % paid ratio of over 50%
Research, analyze & understand what our users and non-users really think
  • Sales team to conduct 50 phone interviews with key accounts
  • Support team to conduct 50 phone interviews with churned accounts
  • Product management to interview 25 external team leaders (non-users)
  • Design team conduct 30 web-based user testing sessions on new and old users
Simplify & clarify our product, messaging, presentation of things we do
  • 25 on-site user-testing sessions to understand key product misunderstandings
  • 10 tests of our recent infographics and slide decks for customer understanding
  • Get 1000 answers to an online user survey sent to all last quarter's signups
  • Conduct a team hackathon to create and publish full portfolio of product materials
  • Present an action plan for next quarter's messaging improvements
Finish raising new capital for our growth needs
  • E-mail and phone outreach to 100 VCs and seed funds
  • Get at least 30 second contact meetings or conference calls
  • Solicit at least 3 term sheets of our minimum required terms
  • Close an investment round with the minimum of $10 million pre-money
Be excellent - improve to be the best in whatever we do
  • All 13 teams to have an internal brainstorm meeting: "How can we improve? Where are we not the best yet?"
  • Benchmark everything related to product to 10 key competitors
  • Survey 100 customers on their thoughts where we need to be better
  • Create an action list of 10 company-wide improvement activities
"Where do I want to go?"
  • O Objective
  • B Bracing
  • J Judicious
  • E Exact
  • C Clearly understandable
  • T Tangible
Key Results
"How do I get there?"
  • R Reachable
  • E Exponent
  • S Significant
  • U Undestandable
  • L Limited to numbers
  • T Trackable
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